Featured Maker: Malcolm Faed

Malcolm Faed is a legendary Kiwi maker, now residing in Sydney. Having played with electronics for as long as he can remember, Malcolm grew up on Electronics Australia, Silicon Chip and Talking Electronics. With an interest in electric vehicles, Malcolm once converted his Toyota HiLux ute into an electric vehicle which featured in Silicon Chip. Malcolm will be exhibiting at the Maker Faire with his open source self balancing scooter aka the ‘DIY Segway’. (More info here)

Malcolm is also no stranger to the maker movement, having subscribed to O’Reilly’s Make magazine since issue one and having attended two of the non-Mini O’Reilly-organised Maker Faires in Austin, Texas (Flickr photo set). Another project he’ll be showing off is the common humble 555 timer chip implemented with discreet electronics and fitted a copy of the encyclopaedia of integrated circuits.

Malcolm’s 8-year-old daughter Victoria in addition to giving dad at hand on the day will be showing off  her Drawdio (a project that turns pencil draw into sounds) and various projects from her Hot Wires electronic kit set.

Check out below the break for a video of Malcolm’s self-balancing scooter and, if you’re you’re lucky, you might even get to have a go yourself at the Faire.


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