Featured Maker: Daniel Donahoo

Daniel is the brains behind an ‘ideas consultancy’ called Project Synthesis and one of those big ideas is LEGO Poetry, devised to be a creative way to engage children in literacy.  LEGO Poetry allows people to  manually build sentences and construct poems from the venerable classic plastic brick, one of the world’s favourite creative toys.

“LEGO Poetry was our solution to engaging primary school children struggling with spelling and literacy with words. The focus was to provide children with different learning styles a medium that they would engage with,” Daniel said.  Daniel describes LEGO poetry as an ideal approach for ‘kinaesthetic’ learners or children who “learn with their hands and by doing and building, rather than reading and memorising”.

LEGO Poetry has been successfully used in schools, artist in schools programs and at writing and literacy festivals.  At the Faire, attendees will have the chance to see what all the fuss is about by having a go themselves! Daniel is offering chance to build a poem and learn how you can make your own LEGO Poetry kit for less than $60.


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