Featured Maker: Atosha McCaw

Atosha creates ‘noise makers’ or loud analog electronic instruments that she says “look like they might have fallen out of a cold war submarine”. Always interested in how things work, from the time Atosha tried to work out how her first watch worked by smashing it open with a rock, she spent her pre-teen years rewiring headphones  with sticky tape to use them as microphones. “I lost interest after year nine electronics where I was the only girl in the class,” Atosha told us.

Fortunately she rediscovered her love of “red buttons and massive switches,” and told us that when starting a new project she begins with a case and then imagines what would be “amazing” inside including: “circuit bent toys, feedback loops, amps, effects, oscillators and the occasional self developed circuit primarily based on the ever reliable 555.”

Enthusing about the aesthetics of obsolete technology and the “faced optimism they represent,” Atosha has a love of anything that she can “coax a noise out of.” One of the projects that you can see at the Faire will be Atosha’s homage to the instruments of the Radiophonic Workshop, a keyboard made out of 12 individual oscillators “just like the one that was used in the workshop and used on the Dr Who theme”. Dooo wheee-oooo!



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