Thanks from all of us for your fantastic submissions
The Call for Makers for the January 2012 Mini Maker Faire Melbourne is now Closed!

See the list at the end of this page to review the Makers who were there on the day of Maker Faire.

We appreciate all of the submissions that we have received, and we have worked hard to accommodate as many Makers as we could within the limitations of time and space.  We’re still working to include a few late submissions, so keep an eye out for an email if you haven’t yet received one.  If you have any questions, please drop us an email at the info address listed on the About page.  Thanks for all the fantastic proposals you sent in – they gave us smiles of excitement and wonder on a regular basis.  We can’t wait to see you all on the day!

Just a reminder:  For this not-for-profit event, we’re aiming to promote the community first.  It’s important not to look like yet-another trade-show.  Therefore, we ask that vendors don’t transact any product or service sales on the day, but instead either point interested customers to your online store, or arrange for a follow up discussion after the event.

The exception to this condition is that if you are running a workshop or demonstration, we are happy for you to recover from attendees — through collecting donations — your out-of-pocket costs for materials and staff required to host your session.  We suggest you try where possible to keep those costs under $10 per attendee, and we ask that you manage collection of donations on your own behalf.

Jan 2012:
List of Makers, Performers, Presenters, Crafters and Businesses


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