The M team!

Bringing an event like Mini Maker Faire together is a challenging undertaking.  It requires effort and dedication from a variety of people, supported by the resources of our sponsors.  Here we’d like to recognise the various people who worked on bringing it all together.  Our sincere thanks for making this fantastic event possible – we couldn’t have done it without your support!

The Core Team:

  Paul Szymkowiak  Connected Community HackerSpace.
  Andy Gelme  Connected Community HackerSpace.
  Raj Vasa  Swinburne University of Technology, ICT Faculty.
  Ammon Beylere  Programme Coordinator
  Michelle Emma James  Volunteer Lead
  Mat Bettinson  Media & PR  find him on G+
  James McDonald  Event Site Manager  
  James Muraca  Square Bit

The fantastic Volunteer Crew who helped us:

  Steph Athea  
  Luke Weston  
  Melissa Cadwell  
  Paul Fritze  Alternative Technology Association.
  Adrian Pyle  
  Caz Habgood  
  David Benjamin  
  Bryn Davies  
  George Patterson  
  The Crew from the Artifactory, Perth  
  John Bosua  
  Kealey Nutt  
  Donal O Duibhir  
  David Payne  
  Edwina Hollingsworth  
  Jake Gillies  
  Perrin Samuel  
  Jason Leppin  
  Jeremy Skippen  
  Rohan Cannon  
  Utkarsh Goel  
  Peter Nicholson  
  Harsha Maddipatla  
  Deepak Vasa  
  Deepak’s wife  
  Andrew Cain  
  Markus Lumpe  
  Niyati Patel  
  Liem Truong  
  David Hood  
  Reade Smith  


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